About me

Hi there! Now when you took your time to find your way to my blog, I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Julie, and I am 25 years of age. I am Danish, and I live in Denmark, however I have just had a few good years living in Southern California with my … More About me

Welcome to my mind

Hi! Thank you for making your way to my blog! I will be sharing my deepest and darkest thoughts of the books, that I am literally spending my life on reading. I will also write a bit about the books that I want to read and the books waiting in my TBR pile (Which is growing … More Welcome to my mind

Very Good Lives: The Fringe of failure and the importance imagination

Very Good Lives: The Fringe of failure and the importance imagination By J.K. Rowling  I stumbled upon this book by a coincident, and knew I needed to read this book, the title itself spoke to me – and obviously something by J.K. Rowling would be worth a read. I figured at someone who is trying … More Very Good Lives: The Fringe of failure and the importance imagination

What Light

What Light by Jay Asher  Christmas books are always hard for me to find, I think most of them are super cheesy and I’m not really into that. But this year I think I found some pretty good ones, and this one was one of them. I got it from the library and figured, since it is … More What Light

Almost Midnight

Almost midnight by Rainbow Rowell  So before even starting the book I was SO excited, I mean it is Rainbow Rowell, and so far I have liked (if not loved) all I have read by her. And how freaking cute is this tiny little Christmas book?? Yup HUUUGE fan of Christmas here.. The book contains … More Almost Midnight

November Wrap up

This is the month where I started up using NetGalley and Kindle (yes, I never thought I would say that!) I am loving the concept of NetGalley, and I am so happy to be given the change to read some great books! I am however not so convinced about Ebooks… Maybe because I don’t have … More November Wrap up

Every day

Every day By David Levithan  I first heard about this book when I saw the trailer for the movie adaption on Facebook a while ago, and then I was so lucky to find the book at a book sale. I have read a few reviews before starting it, and they honestly weren’t that great, so … More Every day

December TBR

My favorite month is finally here and I am so thrilled to get started on all of my Christmas traditions, which also include reading some Christmas-ish books! My husband is also coming home from California this month, which means I won’t be having that much time for reading, but hopefully I get some reading done … More December TBR