The Shamer’s Signet – Book review

The Shamer’s Signet by Lene Kaaberbøl  I got the last three books of this series for Christmas last year by my good friend from Denmark. Unfortunately, I never got around to read more than the first one. Now I finally found the time for the second! In this book, we continue the story after Dina and her mother returns from Dunark. But things are still … Continue reading The Shamer’s Signet – Book review

Tanners Dell – Book review

Tanners Dell by S.E. England  This is the sequel for the horror book Father Of Lies. (you can find a link to my review of that one here.) I will, therefore, leave a Spoiler alert for the first book, just in case. I couldn’t wait to get started on this one after finishing the first. Luckily, the audiobook was available to get right away.  The book continues where … Continue reading Tanners Dell – Book review

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch – Book review

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver Back in 2017, I went to the LA Comic-Con, and of course, I came home with a few books. One of them was this little gem, it is even signed by the author whom I met that day, (a nice man by the way!) It took me forever to actually get around to this book though, the … Continue reading Wraith Ladies Who Lunch – Book review